PRODUCT: Strap Insulation System consists of MBI fiberglass blankets with white vinyl/scrim/metallized polyester (VRP-3) vapor barrier installed below the purlins (joists) in accordance with installation instructions.
The thermal value of this system shal be U-_____. The vapor barrier must have a perm of .02

The fiberglass blanket shall be fastened to the purlin flanges and supported every two feet (2 ft.) by a white aluminum strap formed over the the wrapped purlin flange.

The strap shall extend transversely to the adjoining purlin where it interconnects with a previously installed strap to form a generally aligned, end-to-end relationship. All straps shall be screwed to the bottom side of the purlins at each point of attachment.


WARRANTY: Strap Insulation System carries a material warranty for a period of three (3) years from date of installation.

INSTALLATION: The fiber glass blankets shall be installed below the purlins with one edge resting on top of, and adhered to (3M #77 Spray Adhesive) a previously wrapped purlin flange and the other edge wrapping the adjacent purlin flange, creating a small, still air space.